True Batch Manufacturing

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Managing product family requirements is complicated

Some people just don’t get it.  You’re not in the widget business.  Sure, everything you sell is based on a recipe or formula – but that’s just the start.  Some customers buy in bottles while others buy drums, totes or even tankers.  Some products go out under your brand, but then there are the private labelled and white-labelled items.  And don’t forget the finished good packouts from boxes to cases to pallets.

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More Systems = More Problems
Simplify with Blend ERP

Having separate systems for different areas of your business is not the best practice.  The board doesn’t want to hear that you can’t generate a single report with both financial and operational data.  Your production manager should need to juggle multiple logins just to know if there will be enough raw materials to run today’s batches. And your sales team should have their own real-time insight into costing so they can quote the right price to your customers.

That’s where we come in – Blend ERP addresses all your batch manufacturing needs directly inside NetSuite.  Use the platform you already know and love to marry the best-in-class reporting and financials of NetSuite with the experience and capabilities of Blend ERP.

Finding efficiencies and improving quality can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Our Batch Manufacturing SuiteApp allows you to combine multiple orders into a single batch, substitute products on the fly, easily trace lots and achieve seamless white labelling.

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Blend ERP Software Makes Your Life Easier

At Blend ERP, we get it because we lived it ourselves.  We don’t believe that process manufacturers should have to change their processes to fit the discrete manufacturing requirements of their ERP.  Isn’t software supposed to make your job easier?

Whether the demand for your finished goods is coming from capsules, bottles, tankers, cases, or even private-labeled items, you need the ease and flexibility that true batch manufacturing can offer. Production is as critical to your business as financials.  Why should they live in separate systems?

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